Present days

Outline of the Periods We can date today from November 17, 1989. It has won common sense, justice and democracy. Yes, the "New Age" started, and new people appeared in the cradle of New Role. These are written in more detail in the chronicle of the city of 1990.

The famous Revolutionary Movement "Citizen Forum" started working in New Role on November 25, 1989, when it first organized a first public performance in the House of Culture. The so-called public "discussion forums" followed in the cinema.

The civic forum soon took over the organization of order in the city, and the RE rehabilitation commission in March 1990 investigated all cases of discriminated local citizens after 1968. An extraordinary public session of the city council was held on 22nd February 1990, with 23 new deputies and from which came the election of the new chairman of the CNM. Mr. Bedřich Kubeš was elected by him.

The calm and stabilization of the new conditions in the town took place after the municipal elections on 24 November 1990, after which on 6 December 1990 the city council elected Mrs. Olga Zámostná as the secretary of the CNM.

After these municipal elections, when a new era of "municipalities" started, they asked for the separation of the village of Božíčany and Děpoltovice, including. Nivy village. Two new municipal authorities and the New Role Municipal Authority have been established. Currently, parts of Jimlikov and Mezirolí belong to Nové Role.

And after years we find that the first generation of Czechs, who had settled in New Role since 1945, has long been aged and new housing estates started. Her children have grown up here and her grandchildren have begun to grow up too. The settlement of Nová Role was, thanks to the technical services of the town, planted years ago by planting ornamental trees and shrubs. And so today it can be said that Nová Role has one of the most beautiful settlements in the district.

Since the "Velvet Revolution," the city's construction has not stopped and continues with the construction of family houses in the old village along Rolava, but it also builds and repairs in Mezirolí and Jimlikov. Further construction will continue according to the Territorial Plan of the Municipal Authority of the New Role. The housing has to be given a new source of heating, the heating plant in the porcelain actually olluces. Slowly and surely, another picture of the city and the connected villages is completed. Nor does the building of new private trades and trades remain in the background. The joy is to look at their new businesses, modern upgrades and how reliable private entrepreneurs work.

The Nová Role residence has 1,200 dwelling units. After 1968 there was another gradual move of local Germans to Germany, which had a partial effect on the daily reduction of the population. Just as the original young marriages slowly grow older and the influx of new marriages is smaller, fewer children are born in A. Roli in recent years. All this has an impact on reducing the number of children already in kindergartens and subsequently in elementary schools. In 1992, Nová Role had about 3,900 inhabitants.

The following interest organizations:
Czech Gardening Union (3 general organizations), Czech Fishing Union, Czech Hunting Association, Czech Beekeepers Association. It is also necessary to appoint the Junák Center, the retirement club and perhaps not to forget others. Each of these organizations has done a lot of work to improve the lives of the city's inhabitants. Good public activities are shown by volunteer fire brigades in Nové Roli and Mezirolí. And finally, a lot of work was done by a group of local enthusiasts of "civic initiative", which began in 1990 to repair the church of St. Michal and the final work finished in 1993 at the 700th anniversary of the founding of Nová Role.

Among the production companies, it is necessary to name the Karlovy Vary, the Bohemia Nová Role, which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2001. Another is Art Mining and Metalworking MSK-BÖDA. It commenced its activity (production) at the end of 1991.

Even cultural life has not stopped. The city library organizes regular exhibitions of books, paintings, photographs, etc. These are the work of local natives and contemporary inhabitants. In addition, Palla-klub Club of Karlovy Vary was exhibited here. The permanent program has a local Bohemia cinema. The House of Culture organizes various cultural events. The Municipal Office N. Role publishes the newsletter Novorolský zpravodaj and in the church organizes valuable cultural events during the year (Easter, Christmas and New Year). Various local celebrations are won by Novorolská brass band or pupils of the elementary school.

As you can see, many have changed in our country. New Role in 2003 celebrated the 710th anniversary of the founding of the village and in 2004 60 years since the village was promoted to the city.